We needed to hire a content writer to help build our organic presence and trust with Google. I wanted the person to be passionate and also write stories that resonated with our audience. From the moment I spoke with Anne, I knew the position had been filled. She immediately fit right in with our team and has helped to dramatically improve our creditability and trust by publishing engaging articles to our blog. Anne's experience with writing and SEO in will serve as a great medium as the agency moves forward into its next stage of growth.
Phillip Hammond
As an agency it can be challenging to find a content writing partner that can deliver unique, custom curated content. Anne provides our agency with a trusted partner who is an important extension of our website design and SEO services. Anne understands the importance of content and how it influences our client's rankings on Google.
Brandon Drake
CMO | Mountain Media | Gilbert, AZ
I contacted Anne McAuley Lopez to write an article for Grant Station called Top Eight Recommendations on How to Handle Rejection Letters. It was a simple process to get a quote for the writing service, send her my ideas for the article, and review prior to sending to my contact. The article Anne wrote for me ended up as the #3 most read articles in 2018 for Grant Station! I appreciate her research, knowledge, and the simple process. I was able to deliver content for publication while also serving my clients. It was truly a win-win.
Jarrett Ransom
The Rayvan Group
I am happy to give Anne the highest recommendation! I have hired her on two different occasions for completely different projects, and both exceeded my expectations. She was responsive, extremely knowledgeable, and when I asked her questions that were outside her expertise, she sought out the answers from other professional and figured out a way to make things happen! I love working with her and would recommend her to anyone that needed anything communications related for their business!
Shanna Tingom
Heritage Financial Strategies