Anne McAuley Lopez Content Writer

Hi, I'm Anne!

I love words. Since my earliest years, I remember loving writing. Teachers would give us options of telling stories visually with poster boards and markers or with words. I always chose words.

Since September 2010, I have been a professional writer, helping businesses get found online. Agency Content Writer was born from a need to connect directly and intentionally with Digital Marketing Agencies. My other brand, Blogging Badass, speaks to individual clients, with whom I still work, but not to agencies in need of a content writer.

While this is a new brand, I’ve always worked with agencies. In fact, my first client was a PR firm in need of a writer for a blog writing service they were offering.

Agencies, my goal is to make you look like rock stars to your clients by creating unique, relevant, and keyword-based content.

When not writing, I enjoy spending time with my husband Eddie and our sons, our dog, and friends. You can find me sipping wine, thinking of my next vacation to Kauai, or my novel that is still a work in process. Don’t ask how long the book has been in process; it has been too long!