Anne McAuley Lopez Content Writer

About the Blog Writer

Anne McAuley Lopez has been a professional blog writer and website copywriter since 2010 and has loved words since her earliest memories. Teachers would give her the option of telling stories visually or with words. She always chose words. When she was laid off from corporate America, she went forward with her dream of becoming a professional writer. 

Working with locally owned businesses and marketing agencies is a passion. She has been providing blogs and website copy to small and medium-sized businesses and marketing agencies. Her expertise includes writing for nonprofits, IT, placement agencies, travel, real estate, and home services, to name a few. 

As the Agency Content Writer, Anne has partnered with clients in New York, Connecticut, Utah, California, Arizona, Florida, and now North Carolina. She loves supporting firms with the marketing needs of their clients by creating unique, relevant, and SEO keyword content. 

When Anne isn’t writing, she enjoys exploring her new hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and sons. Her hobbies include photography, wine tasting, and travel. She thinks Kauai, Hawaii is heaven on earth and can’t wait to visit again. She is the author of My CML Story, an autobiography and resource for patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia.