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Quick Guide to Guest Blogging

One of the best decisions I made in 2022 was to become a Thought Leader on The Nonprofit Show. Through my appearances, I met amazing nonprofit leaders and even got to write for a few of them. If you prefer to watch a video, scroll to the bottom for my appearance talking about the Power of Guest Blogging.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is when you’re blogging with your own byline on a website that you do not own. For example, I wrote a post called Google Can’t Read Your Videos for the Badass Web Goddess. At the time, I was branded as the Blogging Badass and while I’ve moved from that to Agency Content Writer, I still fancy myself a badass.

As you build your network, guest blogging is a great way to share your expertise, gain brand exposure, drive traffic to your website, and build relationships with others in your field. Not only that, you’re building SEO-boosting backlinks to your website and have new content to share in emails, newsletters, and social media. It’s a win for everyone.

Where should you guest blog?

Guest blog on websites related to your business. As a website copywriter and blogger, I guest on content creator and designer websites. If you’re a real estate agent, you can guest blog on home services blogs like landscapers, pool services, electricians, and plumbers, your broker’s website, local websites like the Chamber of Commerce, or neighborhood websites. Think about who your target clients are and that’s where you’d start with asking if you can guest post.

For nonprofits, I’d recommend websites where you can talk about the mission and programs of your organization. Perhaps you have a donor or volunteer that works for a company; ask if the company blog will feature their nonprofit efforts. If your organization partners with corporations, ask if you can send an article about your work together featuring their employees. If your work is in a specific geographic area, see if there are opportunities with local websites or chambers of commerce.

Wherever you can write about your business or nonprofit is an opportunity to highlight the mission and programs.

What should you receive?

As a guest blogger, make sure you can include a link back to your website within the body of the article as well as in the biography. Within the article, mention a program and link to the program page whereas, in the bio, you’d link to the home or contact us page. That way there are two opportunities for readers to find out more.

What should you give? 

Give your time, expertise, and relevant content. By relevant, I mean that it is related to the website for which you are writing AND relevant to your nonprofit mission.

While bigger websites may pay for posts, I’ve found you need to pitch an idea and wait for their reply or draft the article and send it without knowing if they will publish it. That’s just not how I like to do business. I’d rather write and get my name and backlink to an audience.

Check for Guest Blogger Guidelines like donorboxblog has listed on their website.

Because you’re writing about your nonprofit on another website, offer to feature their organization on your website so you each get the benefit of content.

There are also membership websites like Givebutter that give members the opportunity to write articles for their website. Just be sure the articles are available to the public and not locked behind a paywall.

Last Word on Guest Blogging

Whether you’re a guest blogger or a guest speaker on a podcast, if you are being provided articles for your website, be sure to share them on social media, emails, and newsletters. If you’re provided graphics for podcast appearances, like I am for the American Nonprofit Show, then please share those resources. Someone took time and effort to create content and graphics for you, probably for free, and sharing is just a nice gesture in return.

If you’re in need of guidance for guest blogging or would like to hire a writer, please schedule a consultation with me. I’d love to talk to you!

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