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Encore Empire Podcast: Search Engine Optimization Process

SEO is search engine optimization, and that is how Google finds us, how Google finds our websites. Anne McAuley Lopez shares her three-step process for optimizing your website to rank higher in search results and attract the right target market for your offers. Anne is an SEO content copywriter and content strategist and the founder of Agency Content Writer. 

Here is the link to my Encore Empire Podcast episode where I share my SEO optimization process, what it’s like being over 40 years old as a business owner, and running a business with a chronic illness.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization“SEO is search engine optimization, and that is how Google finds us, how Google finds our websites. For a long time, my website was simply like a resume. It was a place people could go to the website, and say, yes, this is a legitimate business, but it really wasn’t driving any leads.

During the pandemic, I’ve reached out to different people, and I was really reaching out to people who I knew had their own network of people to stay in contact with, and there wasn’t a ton of work happening for me. One of the people I came across led me to an SEO coach, Meg Casebolt, and the Attract & Activate course (affiliate link). What I realized was I knew, really knew more about search engine optimization than I thought, which was fun to find out. I also learned there are specific ways we can write and include keywords in our content and create content that speaks to our target audience, and we can be strategic about that. I set out post-lockdown and redid my website.

I found a website partner, and she does not offer content to her clients. We partnered up, and I said, hey, what’s this maintenance program you have? She taught me about her maintenance program for websites and about the importance of technical SEO on the back end. That’s really the first step of the process. Make sure all the bells and whistles on the back end of a website are working. Not just that it’s a pretty website. Pretty websites are great, but Google doesn’t rate you on beauty, unfortunately, but it does rate elements like the speed of your website and if you have certain coding in the background and stuff.

The second piece was then to implement what I learned from Meg, which is keyword research, finding out, looking at the analytics for my own website to say, okay, how are people finding my website and writing to them using those keywords along with doing research.

The third piece is writing strategic content. For me, it’s about there’s an article exactly about this question on my website and other information. People kept asking me, what’s my process? I said, okay, let’s write an article about that because that’s the most asked question. That’s strategic. I can share that on social media and email that article to people so that they know what my process is. I don’t have to keep explaining it just as an example.

The three parts of an SEO Content Strategy are technical SEO, which is the backend of your website, keyword research,  and creating strategic content.”

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